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Return of the Space Cowboy

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Return of the Space Cowboy


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JAMIROQUAI The Return Of The Space Cowboy (1994 UK 11-track CD album includes The Kids Space Cowboy Half The Man Light Years and Stillness In Time complete with the fold-out picture / lyric sleeve inlay)
Jamiroquai have soundly established themselves as a name synonymous with the summer breeze sound they've claimed as their own. Space Cowboy is no exception, as the salsa jazz-fusion buzzes wistfully and harmoniously through every track on the album. Following the path laid out in Emergency On Planet Earth, this second album catapulted the band into stardom and left front man Jay Kay dancing to songs of admiration as the first self-appointed Space Cowboy. The title track epitomises the essence of big band dance music with a funky fresh vibe of feel good energy and toe-tapping excitement. Although the album lacks any big surprises, the definitive Jamiroquai sound captures mind, body and soul, making it difficult for any music lover to ignore. --David Trueman
¥1 ~ ¥904
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